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Service Overview

Holistic E-commerce Solutions Tailored to Your Brand

At Coregenion, we encapsulate a 360-degree approach to digital commerce, ensuring your brand thrives in the German-speaking market and beyond. Our trifecta of services - Build, Grow, and Ship, are engineered to provide a seamless transition from conceptualization to market dominance. Discover how we intertwine technology and market insights to foster your brand's digital ascendancy.

Customized Fulfillment

We design fulfillment solutions that align with your business model, ensuring a smooth flow from order placement to delivery.

International Shipping

Bridging the gap between Europe and the UAE, we facilitate seamless international shipping, helping you expand your reach and satisfy a global customer base.

Local Distribution

With a robust local distribution network, we ensure timely deliveries within the German-speaking regions and the UAE, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Advanced Technology

Our tech-driven approach guarantees real-time tracking, accurate inventory management, and data-driven insights to optimize your supply chain.

Returns Management

We simplify the returns process, making it hassle-free for both you and your customers while preserving the integrity and value of your products.

Tech Stack

Leveraging a comprehensive tech stack including Frontend, Backend, and Mobile technologies to deliver tailored solutions.

Your journey towards impeccable shipping and fulfillment begins here.

Explore our detailed services to discover how we can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and propel your brand to new heights in the European and UAE markets.

Our locations

Our facilities are strategically situated

to optimize logistics and ensure timely and efficient delivery to various markets. With a support office in Germany, a spacious warehouse in Germany, and another pivotal warehouse in the UAE, we are well-positioned to cater to the European and UAE markets adeptly. Our locations are not just physical spaces but operational hubs where technology, expertise, and regional market insight converge to deliver seamless shipping solutions.


Sudetenring 66, 94234 Viechtach


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1408 ETA Star Al Manara Tower Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Frequently asked question

Coregenion provides efficient and reliable shipping solutions, leveraging our strategically located warehouses in Germany and the UAE. Our services include comprehensive order fulfillment, inventory management, and fast, cost-effective shipping options tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our expertise in international logistics allows us to manage all aspects of global shipping, including customs clearance. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery process, adhering to all regulatory requirements for shipping across borders.

Absolutely. Coregenion offers customized packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s branding requirements or special protective packaging, we ensure that your products are packaged efficiently and effectively to maintain quality and enhance customer experience.

We prioritize timely delivery by utilizing our advanced logistics infrastructure, which includes real-time tracking and optimized routing systems. Our strategic warehouse locations in Germany and the UAE also enable us to expedite shipments and reduce transit times.

Our pricing is tailored to each client’s specific requirements, considering factors such as shipment volume, destination, and any special handling needs. We offer transparent pricing models with no hidden fees, ensuring our clients receive cost-effective and value-driven shipping solutions.

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