Transforming Coffee Commerce: MyCoffeeCup's Digital Revolution with Coregion's Expertise

Discover how MyCoffeeCup brewed a perfect blend of innovation and efficiency, as Coregion steered their digital transformation to new heights in the competitive European coffee market.

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About this project

Due to having very high standards, Otodom had trouble finding Product Designers that could satisfy the needs of the product, stakeholders, and users. Netguru provided experts who were able to contribute to OKRs and strategy across different business teams, while generating added value for users.


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About the Client: MyCoffeeCup

MyCoffeeCup, established in the bustling coffee market, is renowned for its exceptional range of coffee products. With a strong presence across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the UK, MyCoffeeCup has become a household name among coffee aficionados. The company is celebrated for its commitment to quality, innovative coffee blends, and a customer-centric approach. Operating with the ethos of sustainability and excellence, MyCoffeeCup has carved out a significant niche in the European coffee market.


About the Project

Coregion, a leader in scalable high-performance systems, partnered exclusively with MyCoffeeCup to transform their digital infrastructure and operational efficiencies. This collaboration aimed to revamp MyCoffeeCup's cloud and container infrastructures, integrating advanced CRM and ERP systems, and enhancing their automated marketing and fulfillment services.


Client's Challenges

MyCoffeeCup faced the challenge of managing high demand across multiple countries with differing market dynamics. The need for a scalable solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing systems and improve overall operational efficiency was paramount.


Client's Expectations

MyCoffeeCup's primary goal was to streamline operations, enhance scalability, and maintain efficiency in their multi-national presence. Additionally, they aimed to bolster their marketing strategies and fulfillment services to better cater to their diverse customer base.


The Role of Coregion

Coregion's role was pivotal in analyzing MyCoffeeCup's existing infrastructure and developing a comprehensive solution that included cloud infrastructure, containerization, CRM and ERP integration, and the implementation of advanced marketing strategies.

Approach to the Challenge

Coregion approached the challenge by first understanding the unique demands of MyCoffeeCup's operations. They then implemented a robust cloud and container infrastructure using Docker and Kubernetes. Coregion also strategically integrated APIs for CRM and ERP systems and introduced advanced marketing automation tools.



  • Operational Efficiency:
  • Significant enhancement in MyCoffeeCup's operational efficiency across multiple countries.
  • CRM and ERP Integration:
  • Seamless integration of CRM and ERP systems, leading to improved data consistency and streamlined business processes.
  • Marketing and Fulfillment Services:
  • Effective implementation of automated marketing strategies and fulfillment services, tailored to the needs of MyCoffeeCup's diverse customer base.
  • Scalability and Performance:
  • Achieved a scalable solution that supported the high demand and dynamic market conditions in each country, ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction.

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