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Who we are

Embrace a Culture of Innovation and Excellence.

At Coregenion, we are more than just a collective of skilled individuals. We are a tight-knit community bound together by a shared passion for technological innovation and a drive to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Our German roots imbue us with a meticulous approach to problem-solving and a robust work ethic. With a diverse team hailing from various disciplines and backgrounds, we bring a wealth of perspectives to the table, fostering a culture of collaborative problem-solving and continuous learning.

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Coregenion builds uniquely innovative products that delight users and drive value for our clients. Our team consists of the types of hackers and rule-breakers typically found at startups instead of agencies, dev shops, or design studios. Come join the Coregenion team!

Our open positions

VP of Business Development

Remote, Fulltime

Our Mission

Be a catalyst for change in the technological realm, setting new standards of excellence and innovation in the services we offer.

Our vision

To empower businesses with cutting-edge technological solutions, driving their growth and contributing to a smarter, more connected world.

Core Values


Harnessing the collective genius through teamwork and open communication.


Continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible to provide unparalleled solutions.


Pursuing superior quality in every project we undertake, ensuring utmost client satisfaction.


Upholding transparency, honesty, and respect in all our interactions.

Continuous Learning

Embracing a culture of learning and development to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

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